Rollness, Life Is Happiness!


The ROLLNESS® is a new and powerful fitness method adapted to all ages that stimulates, relaxes, optimizes the physical condition of young and old, non-athletes and athletes! The movements are very precise while being easy to follow, so that as many neophytes as professionals find the benefits.


Created by Vuk Magnus, a physiotherapist fasciatherapist energetic expert with exceptional skills, this method brings together all the most essential and successful aspects of a successful wellness.


He based his method on new principles of Chinese energy, breathing and rotational movements and many other essential principles, so that the posture is rebalanced naturally, the vital organs are re-energized, the body become more flexible in deeply while strengthening and toning.


Stress related to stress are dissipated, circulations energy, lymphatic, blood are revived.


Throughout the sessions, gently and without forcing, the body is refined and modeled!




What is ROLLNESS® ?



ROLLNESSⓇ is a method of exercises based on chinese energetics and breathing. It is the breathing that guides the movements to release tension and balance flexibility and strength The exercises are simple but very precise and deep. ROLLNESS® works on all levels, physical and emotional. It harmoniously shapes the body in addition to revive all circulations, blood, lymph and energetic.

5 SEASONS are proposed for a specific aspect fo the training.


Is it like yoga or tai chi?


ROLLNESSⓇ is different from any class you have practiced. You might think it's like yoga or tai chi or any other type of energetic training, but nothing is like ROLLNESS® because it's a COMPLETE method. Everything your body and mind need is in ROLLNESS®

You can also use it to progress in your other workouts because your body will be ready on all levels.



why choose ROLLNESS® as a training?


Although this is new to you, you can trust this method because it was created by one of Europe's leading physiotherapists, fasciatherapists and energeticians, who has put all his knowledge together to create the most successful method in terms of body movements.


We can also turn the question around: What if you get involved in ROLLNESS® and have fun while enjoying your workout AND get the results you've always wanted?



How often do I have to practice ROLLNESS® to get these results?


Like any practice, once a week will be good for an upkeep, but depending on your goals, practicing twice a week or more will give you faster results. Simply check with your coach what suits you best and you can both set up your program.

Some of our students testified that the first sessions are like a discovery of many new sensations and the more you practice, the more you see the goal, namely a healthier body, a better posture, increased breathing capacity, muscle density as well as more flexibility and more energy and vitality.


I have never exercised. Can I practice ROLLNESS®​?


ROLLNESS® is accessible to all. For people who have never exercised before and who want a healthy body for their daily life or for athletes who want to increase their physical abilities. 

The exercises are easy and meet all your needs. They can also be difficult, even for the most trained athlete, because the body must progress in perfect balance on all levels to access this feeling of ease and well-being. The coach is there to take you there.

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